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The City and Country zine & Norwich In Print Fair

Happy Sunday to you all, zinesters, writers, cut-and-pasters and printers alike! Yesterday we ventured from our green campus into The City to say hello to the lovely people of Norwich. Organised by local poetry publisher Salò Press, In Print is an independent book and zine fair, located at the Anteros Arts Foundation. It turned out to be a lovely summery day and was, as it always is, inspiring to see all the fantastic work by local artists, writers and printers that turn out for print events such as this.

Yesterday was also the perfect time to debut our latest monthly zine, The City and the Country. For those that don't know, the idea of this is to pick a theme or concept and ask our members to submit artwork and writing related to it, then we figuratively (and sometimes physically..) get everything into a pile and shuffle it up, lay it all up into zine form and print it! Simple as that (I wish!). Here's a few photos of our latest:

We were also joined by fellow imprint of The UEA Publishing Project Strangers Press, who had their beautifully designed KESHIKI series on display.

Octarine, the UEA student-run magazine who you may remember we did a collaboration with, also had a table at the fair. They had with them their fourth, and latest issue, the LGBT+ Issue – here's Harry their President giving a warm and welcome LGBT+ thumbs up!

A big thank you to Salò Press for organising the event.

Check out the people behind some of our favourite stalls:


Want to get involved in one of our monthly zines, or learn how to make your own? Check the about section for links to our Facebook group, society page, and more.


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