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And the nominations are OPEN!

The student union's officer elections are just behind us and summative season is beginning to get close. It's now time for that long gap between the two, not only where we can enjoy the Easter holidays and all the chocolate we can eat, but also where we start thinking of the next year - our module choices, summer plans, and what committee positions we'd like to be on next year.

Nominations for committee positions opened last Friday, and are open until Monday 22nd April, so plenty of time for you to decide what you want to run as and write your manifestos. If you're not sure which positions would best suit you, take a look at the list below (and of course, ask us any questions if you need...)


The President runs the society! They take the lead in meetings and events, and take charge in different projects Egg Box might be running, this could be anything from organising the publication of a new zine, leading workshops, or arranging sales in the Hive!


Supporting the President and helping to co-run the society, is the main job of the Vice-President. This position means you sometimes have to take over and run different events when the President isn't able to or if Egg Box has a lot of different projects going on at once.


Running and being in charge of the finances is a very important part of running a society, especially in publishing where we are printing and publishing items throughout the year! This position involves approving expenses and invoices, managing our budget, and applying for grants or funding if needed.


The Secretary is in charge of keeping the society's admin in order. This could involve taking notes in committee meetings, sending emails to the society members so they know what's happening in the society, or maintaining and updating our page on the SU website.

Health & Safety Officer

The main jobs of Health & Safety officer is completing risk assessments, recording any injuries or accidents that happen at events, and taking any relevant food hygiene and first aid training. This is super important if you're planning to do lots of events and trips as you need risk assessments and trip forms to be filled out for all of these.

Union Council Rep

Every society is represented at Union Council (where the SU vote on different decisions) by the Union Council Rep. The role involves not just attending Union Council but also voting on and putting forward motions, reporting back to the committee and members on any Union Council issues that may affect Egg Box.

Equality & Diversity Officer

It's important every student can get involved with Egg Box however they wish to, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, or age. Equality & Diversity Officer is the person on committee who must ensure we're including everyone, whether that be making sure workshops, socials, and trips are accessible, or ensuring everyone can get involved with the writing, editing, and publishing process if they need.

Social Media Officer *NEW*

This one is a new position for Egg Box! Running social media can be time-consuming, especially when other members have a lot of other things to prepare for in the run-up to new workshops, trips, or publication launches. The Social Media Officer will be in charge of keeping Egg Box's social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) up to date so both current members and people looking to join the society know what's going on.

Workshop & Social Coordinator *NEW*

Another new position is Workshop & Social Coordinator, which combines some of our previous roles of Workshop Coordinator and Social Secretary into one. This means you'll be in charge of booking rooms at the university, off-campus venues, and leading trips and social events on behalf of Egg Box.

We hope that helps, and if that's all sounding a bit daunting, remember the SU offers training for lots of these positions and the old committee will do a full handover in the summer before you take over. Once again, please contact us with any questions!

If you have more general questions about the elections and how committees and societies work, then feel free to check out the SU website for loads of helpful resources.

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