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'Maps' zine now out!

Our monthly zine 'Maps' from the month of October is now printed and looking very pretty indeed! See some photos of it below, and check it out in the store now! Thank you to all the writers and artists who contributed their work: Jay Stonestreet, Eve Mathews, Emily Mildren, Mireia Molina Costa, Tony Allen, Anisha Jackson, Hugo Douglas-Deane, Sophie Chapman, Lauren Rice, and Katherine Leaver.

We had a sale in the UEA Hive on the 17th of November where we had the Maps zine stacked and set out in all its glory. We were also selling various other publications, including handmade & printed zines by some of our members, our series of chapbooks, and our UEA Creative Writing Anthologies of 2015 & 2016.


Want to get involved in one of our monthly zines, or learn how to make your own? Check the about section for links to our Facebook group, society page, and more.


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