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'Prompt' – Egg Box and Octarine Collaborate

We're teaming up with Octarine, a student-run magazine at UEA, to produce a zine titled 'Prompt'. Each double page spread will feature a visual piece of art (photo, illustration, painting, collage, digital art etc) accompanied by a written piece (poetry, prose, script etc.) written as a response to the visual ‘prompt’. Still confused? Here's a handy diagram!

We are now accepting submissions for the visual pages. Once they're all in we'll open them up for writers to choose from. Email your visual pieces to us at

  • Email subject line ‘[NAME] - Visual Submission’.

  • If you would like to send more than one piece for us to choose from then you may.

  • We will be printing on A5 pages so a decent size is required for all submissions to maintain quality in print, 300dpi or greater if possible!

DEADLINE: Friday 28th October.

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