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under|tow NOUN

1. an underlying feeling or influence, especially one that is contrary to the prevailing atmosphere and is not expressed openly;

2. a current of water below the surface, moving in a different direction from any surface current.

In Undertow, the University of East Anglia’s third annual anthology of work by undergraduate creative writing students, we are proud to present pieces of writing that flow against the surface current and push you into unknown waters. With pieces concerning everything from aliens in Birmingham and the struggle for racial justice to a hotel minibar and children of the sea, this anthology contains some of the best writing that the University of East Anglia has to offer.

“The pieces in this anthology are striking in their originality in form and content. I have found them very stimulating and a great read. I hope you do too.”
--Peter Liss


Thank you to the contributors:

Blythe Aimson • Erin Bashford • Mathilda Beaumont Epstein • Liza Blackman • Callum Browne • Gabrielle Corry-Mead • Helena Alice Cuthbert • Cathleen Davies • Noah de Grunwald • Gabriel Flynn • Alison Graham • Rebecca Graham • Lawrence Greenlee • Faye Holder • Jules Ignacio • Lukas Gottfried Kounoupis • Francesca Karitikos • Patrick Lally • Audrey King Lassman • Kathryn Leigh • Shannon Lewis • Benjamin Lubbock • Adam Maric-Cleaver • Isabel Martin • Harry Menear • Saraswathi Menon • Ciara Moran • Jenny Moroney • Candice Nembhard • Liam Offord • Josh Patterson • Molly Ellen Pearson • Patrick Peel Yates • Louise Pigeon-Owen • Jake Reynolds • Jessica Rhodes • Zein Sa'dedin • Sarra Said-Wardell • Rachel Sammons • Fiona Sangster • Adrian Southin • Adam Vale • Nathaniel Josiah Ming Yu Woo 


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