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UEA’s fourth annual Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology pays homage to Norwich’s creative underground art scene. We believe Norwich is an important place to be and enclosed in this book are some of the stories the city has helped to inspire and formulate.


In a city, and at a university, where we all have the chance to be a role in something big while remaining ‘visible’, we’ve enjoyed giving students a part of the writing and editing processes and we hope you’ll enjoy being a part of the ongoing process of enjoying our words in print.


"Write, talk, listen, publish, discard, pause, wait, write. It doesn’t all have to happen straight away. But it’s great to see so many new writers starting the process."
- Gregory Woods


"This is how UEA helped me write: they surrounded me with writing matters. The matter is in this anthology – our odds and ends: a tulip bulb, a shower cap with a duck bill, the scenery in our head passes."
- Jim Goar


Thank you to the contributors:

Lizzi Blowfield • Sophie Bunce • Alice Clarke • Amber Donovan-Stevens • Daisy Flynn • Laura Goldthorp • Alison Graham • Callum Huthwaite • Raphaela Hopson • Alice Kouzmenko • Anja Kuipers • Mari Lavelle-Hill • Katgerube Leaver • Tin Lemac • Shannon Elizabeth Lewis • Jaime Lock • Katharine Lyon • Amie M Marie • Isabel Martin • David McCabe • Jono mcDermott • Harry Menear • Miram Methuen-Jones • James Mortimer • Elish Mullance • Sam Payne • Isla Rae-Smith • John Raspin • George rennison • Leonie Rowland • Ben Sainter • Fiona Sangster • Susie Smith • Rebecca Taylor • Minty Taylor • Hunter Thomas • Alice Tomlinson • Eddie Van Duzer • Nina Ines Ward • Phoebe Wood 


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