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The fifth year of the annual UEA Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology. This year, the collection has received more submissions than ever before and the standard has been superb. This is the second edition of the anthology to be produced through Egg Box's attached NUS society of the same name, enabling students to gain more experience of the publishing process.


It has been organised, edited, and, through NUA, designed almost entirely by students. We invite you inside UEA's creative writing department to see what the undergraduates have to offer... you will not be disappointed.


Thank you to the contributors:

Claudia Besant • Amy Bonar • Daniel Box • Martha Boyd • Felicity Brown • Sophie Bunce • Chloe Crowther • Grace Curtis • Ella Dorman-Gajic • Basil Eagle • Gus Edgar • Sam Edwards • Abbey Hancock • Zaid hassan • Liam Heitmann-Rice • Judith Howe • Becca Joyce • Mari Lavelle-Hill • Shannon Elizabeth Lewis • Jaime Lock • Adam Maric-Cleaver • Lucy May • Jono McDermott • Ellie Meikle • Catherine Mellor • Magdalena Meza Mitcher • Tamar Moshkovitz • Elish Mullane • Mathew Nixon • Alyssa Ollivier-Tabukashvili • Henry Opina • Cara Ow • Georgina Pearsall • Johnny Raspin • Ellie Reeves • Fiona Sangster • Minty Taylor • Francesca Thesen • Artemis Tsatsaki • Amelia Vale • Isabella Winton • Flora Wood 


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  • 978-1-911343-51-6

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