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Up from the famed concrete walkways of the University of East Anglia rises Undergrowth, the second annual anthology of work by undergraduate Creative Writing students. In among its leaves you will find new work by 57 young writers of remarkable talent and maturity. From the college campuses of the United States to a strange encounter on the streets of Rio de Janeiro; from a coroner’s report on a dead Hollywood star to the sassiest Little Red Riding Hood you’ve ever encountered; from the railway stations of middle England to a shop named Galatea that sells one thing, and one thing alone, the stories and poems you are about to read range widely across genre, theme and style, bringing us shimmering glimpses of the world both as it is and as it might become.

"Underworld displays the extraordinary range, style and inventiveness of our undergraduate community of writers. There is a great deal to showcase and celebrate."
--Andrew Cowan


Thank you to the contributors:

Rebecca McManus • Blythe Aimson • Lucas Aldrich • Dara Arad • Harriet Avery • Isis Billing • Mary Blatchfold • Megan Bradbury • Rhiannon Butlin • Julian Canlas • Louise Cheslaw • Gaby Corry-Mead • Jack De Quidt • Anastasia Dukakis • Robin Evans • Milly Godfrey • Anna Goldreich • Rebecca Graham • Jennifer Hatherley • Joanna Hollins • Ellie Howell • Sarah A. Jones • Narthaniel King • Lukas Kounoupis • Francesca Kritikos • Miranda Langford • Jo Lavender • Katherine Leaver • Emma Mackilligin • Victoria Maitland • Greg Manterfield-Ivory • Amelia Marchington • Adam Maric-Cleaver • Erin Michie • James Mortimer • Tatum O'Leary • Liam Offord • Lily Ozanne • Molly Pearson • Laura Phillips • Jake Reynolds • Jessica Rhodes • Cailin Roles • Edward Rose • Silvia Rose • Samuel Rowe • Emily Saeli • Rachel Sammons • Beth Saward • Sean Scanlon • Mary Scott • Errol Seymour • Leo Temple • Jo Thompson • Nina Ward • Harriet Watson • Adam White 


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