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The world is on fire. We are too young to change a thing.


So how else can one express these undulating emotions but to put pen to paper?


From the very tops of mountains, running through cities, to our childhood homes and all the way down to seas abroad, follow UEA's most promising student writers as they burst with powerful prose exploring topics personal, global and mystical in 2023's Undergraduate Anthology.


Editor in Chief: Silver Hawker


Editors: Evelyn Oakes-Christie • Diva Hemawani • Lily Glenn • Jen Thong • Rachel Ellis • Kara Hogan • Claramae Jones • Mia Galanti • Freya Calcluth • Eleanor Davies • Naoise Gale Grace • Bartle • Micah Petyt • Abbie Harding • Max Wrigley


Featuring work by: Lily Fitzgerald • Elizabeth Yew • Ingrid Jensen • Eve Colabella • George Graves • Lily Gooch • Anna-Rose Zayan • Ruby Belassie • Megan Dennison • Ellie Dharamraj • Freya Scott Broomfield • Niamh Duncan • Scarlett East-Burke • Silver Hawker • Thomas Smith • Michael Baker • Diva Hemawani • Klara Sher • Evie Walker • Emma McDonald • Eleanor Davies • Samuel Starling • Michal Kwiatkowski • Adam Webber • Lia Summers • Tobey Patton • Rachel Vigar • Robbie Tyler • Michael Kwiatkowski


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  • 978-1-915812-20-9

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