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We invite you to open your mind and engage your imagination, with twenty-two diverse and gripping tales written for the stage and screen.

Set across the world, from London to Paris, the backroads of Eastern Europe to the post-apocalyptic highways of the United States, across forests and cliffsides, and even to Heaven itself, these varied pieces tackle subjects from desperate survival, to unrequited love, to exploring new identities.

Hiking through Rendlesham Forest, Jay searches for aliens and confronts his childhood trauma in Pareidolia. Jerry struggles with the most important decision of his life... whether or not to shave his moustache, in MoustOUCHe. Two young brothers make the discovery of their lives in Mortars.

With an introduction by playwright Steve Waters and foreword by film director Joe Russo, these stories provide a captivating, evocative, and often hilarious preview into the work done by our 2023 MA Scriptwriting cohort.

UEA MA Scriptwriting Anthology 2023

SKU: 978-1-915812-24-7
  • 978-1-915812-24-7

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