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The UEA MA 2021 Scriptwriting Anthology presents a wide range of work from up-and-coming playwrights and screenwriters. Each writer presents an extract showing their unique voice and handle on character. Graduates of the MA in Scriptwriting include Bruntwood and BAFTA winners leading the way in TV, film, radio, and theatre.


"To those not on the front line of the pandemic, it’s as if time exists differently – some of us even stopped. Ultimately, I think we’ve all changed. Thematically all these pieces involve choice – a moment, a beginning, a change and a point where there is no return. An anthology of reflections and refractions... Inside these pages, I hope you find as much as I have."

- Tilly Lunken


"During this year of lockdowns, quarantines and new viral variants, keeping going has required courage, tenacity – and talent. Thankfully, these 20 writers have these qualities in abundant supply."

- Steve Waters


Featurinng work by: Ally Artuch • Lacey Austin •Dan Clark • Jennifer Collard • Rosa Cooper-Davies • Jack Fairey • Sebastian Garbacz • Sam Gillett • Katey Hoffman • Mehmet Izbudak • Imogen Lea • Hattie Manton • Louise Pesery • Rosalie Pratt • Lindsay Sharman • Hughie Shepherd-Cross • Alex Viney • Alexander Wiseman • Yu Ching Wong

UEA MA Scriptwriting Anthology 2021

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