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For 50 years UEA's MA and MFA in Prose Fiction has brought together the best and brightest emerging writers from around the globe. The programme has produced such recent successes as Emma Healey, John Boyne, Naomi Alderman, Elizabeth Macneal, Tash Aw, Anappara Deepa and JY Neon Yang. 


The works found in this anthology did not bloom in isolation. Writing is a craft, a practice - it does not sneak up in the night and come to life as a perfect manuscript by morning. Anyone who believes that all writing emerges in solitude would do well to witness the thrill of ten authors clustered together as they pick apart a newborn story and pass its paragraphs hand to hand. UEA offers the joy of letting stories collide. The cohort is made up of people who live and breathe language, and this anthology offers you a glimpse into the work that is the culmination of thirty-three writers living and working together in constructive collaboration. 


With a foreword by Rachel Cusk and an introduction by Naomi Wood and Philip Langeskov, Bloom offers an iridescent array of diverse and intriguing insights into the latest in literature. You can safely say that you read it here first. 


Featuring work by: Emma Bamford, Tanya Banerjee, Philip Brennan, Christabelle Dilks, John Dimitroff, Drew Evans, Alice Franklin, Elaine Frost, Yan Ge, Cara George, Linden Hibbert, Delwar Hussain, Mairéad Kiernan, Peggy Lee, Josephine Lister, Margaret Meyer, Lauren Mooney, Hannah Murphy, Zainab Omaki, Jyoti Patel, Abhishek Prasad, Lucien Ross, Rex Rowley, Lily Shahmoon, Eleanor Sheehan, Ellison Skinner, Rebecca Sollom, Stephanie Y. Tam, Omer Tennenhaus, Rajasree Variyar, J.H.L Wai, Daniel WIles, Brock Zawila

Bloom: UEA MA Prose Fiction Anthology 2020

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