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With an introduction by Tiffany Atkinson and a foreword by this year’s Poetry Fellow – 2021 T. S. Eliot Prize-winner, Joelle Taylor – this anthology from UEA’s Poetry MA cohort showcases the burgeoning talents of a group of new poets. A captivating collection, the work on show reveals a world slowly emerging from the global pandemic, finding its feet and its feeling. The breadth of voices and forms reflect both the distinctive style of the individual poets and the richness of contemporary poetry, ceaselessly finding new ways to say the things we have always known.


"Reading as much as writing is also a making of that space. In that space something is always happening. So I say yes to poetry voice, which is the voice of language trying to put itself differently, through one, through many."

- Tiffany Atkinson

UEA MA Poetry Anthology 2022

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  • 978-1-913861-77-3

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