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"This layered volume has been laid down by efort, imagination and resilience over a – let’s not say unprecedented – but a very challenging year. It represents the slow crystallising of individual voices through and against the pressure and frictions of group work and collaboration. This is how enduring things get made. I am proud to see it, and I hope that the contributors are too...

Take that, posterity. Take this."

- Tiffany Atkinson


Featuring work by: Amna Alamir • Chloe Bettles • Eleanor Burleigh • Hetty Cliss • Abigail Craig • Sam Davidson • Rose Francklin • Gabrielle Griot • Alex Hillman • Maya Hough • P. B. Hughes • Elke Huismans • Alex Innocent • Lauren Kania • Viv Kemp • Prerana Kumar • Sam Newcombe • Mariana Peña Feeney • Christopher Perry • Max Purkiss • George Richards • Jesse Smith • Tim Snell • Kiera Summer • Tristan·E • Alex Wood

UEA MA Poetry Anthology 2021

SKU: 978-1-913861-26-1
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  • 978-1-913861-26-1

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