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The 2022 MA in Biography and Creative Non-fiction Anthology offers thirteen unique voices, each, in some way, exploring themes of fear, loss, place, and identity. Its subjects range from the global climate crisis told through the eyes of a scientist being arrested outside of COP26, to a visit to a Turkish barber in Norwich. From the premature loss of a loved one to illness, to a conversation with an eccentric local Norfolk figure. Its settings stretch from California, Washington, Ohio, to Scotland, Brazil, Thailand, and Malaysia. These pieces, told in styles ranging from personal essay to screenplay, ask us to dig beneath the surface and to challenge perceived notions and narratives.


"Whether memoir, essay, psychoscape, food or travel writing, or work that straddles genres and can prove deliciously impossible to define, there are stories within non-fiction more compelling than even the most outlandish works of fiction. There is no creative material more wonderful, more powerful than the truth."

- Andrew Kenrick & Freya Dean

UEA MA Non-Fiction Anthology 2022

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