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The 2021 MA Biography and Creative Non-Fiction Anthology offers seventeen very different and striking explorations of place, history and contemporary culture. Its subjects range from the unexpected impact of a Swiss-funded 'restoration' of Shaxi, an historic town in South-west China, to the obsessive pursuit of physical fitness in Vienna. Its settings range from rural Ireland and West Cornwall to Broadmoor, the Arctic and Tehran. Written in a range of unique and authentic voices, these stories provide new and illuminating perspectives on life in both the past and the present.


"The pieces in this anthology are never boring, they are all tightly wrought, and none is morbidly introspective. Each one successfully opens an unexpected, different world..."

- Elisa Segrave


Featuring work by: Helen Baczkowska • Jenna Bishop • Winifred Bolton • Gordon Clark • Hannah Dee • Nina Lester Finley • Robert Garner • Constance Harris • Azadeh Hashemian • Lalya Lloyd • Frances Lord • Yiru Peng • Henry Reichard • Jannita Smith • Shantelle Stein • Jill Vaughan •Qinghua Zhu

UEA MA Non-Fiction Anthology 2021

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