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The 2022 MA in Literary Translation Anthology holds nine contributions from five languages. From Italian, we listen to the witty voice of Beatrice Portinari, and ride the wind to discover the secrets of an ancient biscuit recipe, taking us to Spanish where a bartender lends an ear to their client’s subway adventures. From French, we delve into intimate thoughts from the diary of a nonpuritan puritan, and are later invited to a 19th-century Christmas feast. From German, we take a plunge into the deep ocean of nature writing, attend church with a little girl in Austria, and share the everyday joys and frustrations of a modern woman. Finally, from Arabic, we read a chapter in the life of a Palestinian villager as he pursues his education. This unique range of translated extracts from novels, novellas, short stories, essays, and autobiographies is our vessel to the vastness of the world’s literatures.

"Every translator has to draw up their own map and find their own way, but they’re not alone: we have each other’s backs out there in the literary wilderness. This is just the beginning, and I hope the cohort stay in touch with one another, and reach out to us, their new peers in striving, endeavouring, attempting."


- Jen Calleja

UEA MA Literary Translation Anthology 2022

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