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Happenstance Press ‘This is the internet generation, and the references in these poems pull with abandon from a huge territory. If the general thrust  is to embrace, the poems have in common, the courage to sing  out and explore.’ -- Sally Festing, Heppenstance Press


‘There’s always talk of ‘saving’ poetry; it’s fine, becomes deeper and wider each year.  Don’t believe me?  Open up this anthology and read words cajoled into new shapes so they might move or disturb you (and sometimes both) with all their bright surprises.’ -- Martin Figura, Saboteur Best Spoken Word Award winner 2013

‘Here is a book of poetic tangents, setting words and worlds at  a tangent to each other. Words are not to be taken for granted,  of course. Nor are they. This is the way the future comes flying at you. At a tangent. And the voices fitting in the space there, like  the stones in a fruit.’ -- George Szirtes, T S Eliot Prize winner 2004, 2009


‘I view the UEA MA creative writing anthology as a barometer of what’s going on in the poetry world, and this year’s collection does not disappoint. Poems range from the lyrical to the experimental and each voice is exciting and unique. I look forward to hearing more from these poets in the future.’ -- Julia Webb, Forward Prize Shortlist 2017


This year's anthology contains work from 12 exciting new voices: Dario Biagini, Fern Broome Richards, Paul Frederik Carlsen, David Charles Gill, Rich Law, Naomi Madlock, S.Z. Mason, Molly Ellen Pearson, Jake Reynolds, Olivia Walwyn, Arron Westbrook, and E.F. Willis, with a foreword by Paul Mills and introduction from Sophie Robinson.



UEA Creative Writing MA: Poetry Anthology 2017

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  • 978-1-911343-24-0

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