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'This is no manifesto, no call to arms.

'This is a song, a dance, a movement of many colours.

'What we do cannot be contained, tamed, or erased.

'We shall have what we want, and we are already beautiful.'


Poetry was never meant to stay printed on the page. It prowls the streets, and Public Menace wants to start a riot.


This book is the first anthologised edition of the Public Menace project, a poetry platform that seeks to encourage collaboration and build creative networks between writers outside of major cities.


The teaching material for the art of poetry has traditionally only been offered to those able to have the opportunity to study it at school or university, or who were raised in already existing creative backgrounds. This first issue of Public Menace represents an effort to take poetry out of the control of institutions and make the art accessible to all. 


Featuring work by: Ofem Ubi • Molly Willis • Larry Liquid • Claudia Vyvyan • Nathan Lunt • Ga-Modimo Aalim Dinake • Haziq Patel • Adrian Mukuvare • Farah • Meg Watts • Itai and Liv • Anna Bailey • John Swale • Plum Selfridge • Vitalis Gumbo • David Green • Sabina Redzepagic • Erica Wood • Georgia Spillman • Ria Bhatnagar • India De Bono • Jules Chung • Kiera Summer • Bernard Tinashe Kuyayama • Jesse Smith

Public Menace: Issue #1

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