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"One of the advantages of writing crime is that you can cross social divides. Sergeant Cuff can interrogate Lady Verinder, much though she resents the experience. Hercule Poirot, an often-maligned foreigner, can investigate the death of Lord Edgware... Within this anthology, you will find wonderful stories that range across this most elastic and enduring of genres. The only cure for detective fever is to read more crime fiction."

- Elly Griffiths


"The writers in this fifth MA Crime Fiction Anthology demonstrate a keen ability to harness the crime novel’s ambivalent energies. Notwithstanding the diversity of styles, sub genres, settings and themes on display, each writer in this collection embraces the rich and multitudinous potentialities of crime writing, reflecting perceptively on where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be travelling in the future... Amongst all other intangibles then, one thing is eminently clear; the future of the genre is in very safe hands indeed."

- Nathan Ashman


Featuring work by: Sharon Bale • Katherine Black • Libby Brookes • Hannah Brown • Mandy Byatt • Alan Jackson • Denise Kuehl • Simon Margrave • Lynne Mcewan • Pat Page • Sue Thomas • Gigi Vernon

Postmortem: UEA MA Crime Fiction Anthology 2021

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  • 978-1-913861-30-8

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