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'A snapshot of what the crime novel is doing now and a glimpse of the directions it might take in the future' - Mick Herron

'Crime fiction demands a flexible, sceptical framework for its own increasingly rude health. The eleven writers in this third MA Crime Fiction Anthology understand this. Irrespective of subject, setting, theme or prose style, each uses the multitudes of the crime genre to embrace and reflect who we are and how we live now. Each understands and respects the genre, even as they dismantle its traditions' - Tom Benn

'The creative writing workshop is an environment that is built upon freedom, but also support. It's almost too magical a place, too idyllic, too democratic, too truthful. But I don't believe in magic, any more than I believe in the muse. What has happened in this space, which is ever expanding, over the last couple of years, has been an outpouring of talent and determination, by eleven extraordinary writers' - Henry Sutton

Featuring work by: Laura Ashton • Judi Daykin • Antony Dunford • Jayne Farnworth • Natasha Hutcheson • Louise Mangos • Elizabeth Saccente • Matthew Smith • Karen Taylor • Wendy Turbin • Bridget Walsh

Postmortem: UEA MA Crime Fiction Anthology 2019

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