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Make no mistake, these are the stars of the future – and you're reading them here first.
– Ian Rankin

One of the most inspiring aspects of this collection is the ingenuity, the variety, and the originality of the writers. No two books are remotely alike, and there are no formulaic novels in here. There are psychological thrillers, procedurals with a twist, historical crime fiction, and novels that transcend all subgeneric categories. These novels give us the perspective of villains and detectives, but also of suspects, victims, and those who blur the line between all of these. There are novels from the perspective of police officers, cyber-security experts, probation officers, forensic linguists, geographical profilers, and forensic experts, professional and ‘unprofessional’ detectives, families out for vengeance, and vigilantes on the streets.
– Laura Joyce

The crime novel is a dynamic beast, no more so than now. At UEA we champion difference, the pushing of boundaries, experimentation and excellence. At the end of this volume – the second such anthology from graduating MA Crime Fiction students – I believe these ideas and ambitions, have been well and truly met. We have been taken on journeys both light and dark, across time and space, with integrity and rigour, insightfulness and humour. Always, however, we have been aware of not just talent and potential, but craft.
– Henry Sutton


Dimitris Akrivos • Denise Beardon • Bob Jones • Femi Kayode • Roe Lane • Natalie Marlow • Nicola Monaghan • Niamh O'Connor • Louise Sharland • Peter Sibley • Mark Wightman • Matt Willis • Freya Wolfe 

Postmortem: UEA MA Crime Fiction Anthology 2018

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  • 978-1-911343-41-7

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