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‘Behold then, the Future Whisperers of Stories Profound and Profane in this anthology. Eleven stories that will leave you  with a sinking sadness as you approach the end of each one.’ -- Denise Mina  

‘Crime Fiction is the mode for our times, the narrative for a nervous age. Never has the crime novel seemed more important or necessary. Or just right. It is where the novel is today. Embracing this concept is not only UEA... it is our students. They are driving this story with their enthusiasm, their dedication, their intelligence, their talent... Murder, as Chandler... said, is a serious business. It’s handled here with great care and attention, insight and imagination.’ -- Henry Sutton


With a foreword by Denise Mina, an introduction from Henry Sutton and afterword by Laura Joyce, the inaugural anthology from the cohort studying the Crime Fiction strand of UEA's Creative Writing MA includes exciting new work by Harriet Tyce, Suzanne Mustacich, Geoff Smith, Jennifer Stone, S. W. Hudson, Stephen Collier, Kate Simants, Marie Ogée, Merle Nygate, Trevor Wood, and Caroline Jennett.

Postmortem: UEA Creative Writing MA Crime Fiction Anthology 2017

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  • 978-1-911343-26-4

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