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Boasting an impressive array of budding literary talent, the third edition of Peninsula showcases an ambitious and wide-ranging collection of poetry and prose from Durham University’s emerging writers. The fiction in this collection reflects the post-pandemic world we are all learning to navigate: poised between loss and hopefulness, filled with contrasts and complexities, it cuts straight to the heart of the human experience.


Contributions from:

Eden Ward • Elizabeth Marney • Kate Paterson • Catriona Inglis Nupur Mudgal • Izzy Bremner • Ellie Dyer-Brown • Paul Haswell • Andrea Pinto Ed Nickols • Matthew Ainley



Ellie Dyer-Brown • Ed Nickols • Qianying (Ingrid) Liu • Paul Haswell • Eden Ward • Elizabeth Marney

Peninsula 2023

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  • 978-1-915812-19-3

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