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This issue of Peninsula is the second in a new series of anthologies produced annually by postgraduates from Durham University's English Department.


Having spent the better part of a year studying via Zoom, this collection presents a broad scope of creative output that can be achieved during the pandemic.


Peninsula showcases an extraordinary dedication to the art of writing, and a sustained passion for the possibilities of language. This collection is a map of the creative journeys of a group of unique and ambitious emerging writers, whose mututally supportive community has inspired an array of unforgettable prose and verse.


Featuring work by: nv baker • Aimee Dickinson • Imogen Dobson • Matilda Forrest • Sierra Kaag • Megha Kaul • Nora Kelly • Amber Natalie Kennedy • Sofie Kitts • AM Mac Habee • Hardev Matharoo • Lua Morgenstern • Ladislav Pecha • Aaron Rozanski • Katie Tobin • Kiera White

Peninsula 2021

SKU: 978-1-913861-31-5
  • 978-1-913861-31-5

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