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For the first time, Peninsula gathers the voices of Durham University's emerging writers into an ambitious and culturally diverse volume, covering aspects of the human experience from identity and diaspora to philosophy and the significance of place. Imaginative and distinctive, these short stories and poems by postgraduates from Durham University's English Department reflect the creative thoughts that echo off the cobbles of this northern city.


Josh Allsop • Janina Arndt • Lucy Atkinson • Theo Breet • Rory Clarkson • Rosie Crocker • Laura Day • Cassidy Harvard-Davies • Finn Haunch • Ethan Hemmati • Avleen Kaur • Annabel Mahoney • Matthew McKenzie • Kleopatra Olympiou • Victoria Penn • Upasana Pradhan • Imogen Sharpe • James Shiers • Claudia Sterbini •Rachael Wanogho • Tula Wild • WU, You • Chutian Xiao


SKU: 978-1911343905
  • 978-1911343905

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