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In 2017, Egg Box Publishing took over Octarine, a student-run magazine at UEA. Each issue of Octarine is based around a theme that is represented by a quote for contributors to responses to be based around.


This issue's theme was LGBTQ+ pride and contributors were asked to respond to the following quote from Allen Ginsberg: "I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel."


Thank you to the following contributors: Vanessa Atalanta, Benjamin Box, Audrey King Lassman, Rebecca Philips, Shannon Lewis, Georgia Tomlinson-Spence, Lauren Sahlamn, Thai Bradwich, Jennifer Williams.


This publication also features illustrations from Tilly Capata, Lucy Caradog, Amber Donovan Stevens, Alice Goundry, Audrey King Lassman, Natalya Moon, and Georgie Pearsall.

Octarine #4

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