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From Arthur’s Seat is a celebration of a new community. The poems and stories were commissioned, written and edited entirely by the 2017–2018 MSc in Creative Writing students of the University of Edinburgh. Even the beautiful cover is student work. As a cohort, the contributors in this volume originate from all over the world – Scotland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, India, Cuba, the USA, Canada, and China – and the voices you will find here are different, urgent, extraordinary. And they’re calling you to be a part of their community too.


‘This is writing that doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff: it speaks candidly about issues such as climate change, mental health, and the increasing complexities of living and communicating amid the rush and noise of our world. At the turn of each page, the view widens. The horizon expands.’

Claire Askew,
Author of This Changes Things and All the Hidden Truths


Thank you to the contributors:

Daniel Adler • Lexie Angelo • Sam Le Butt • Jack Ferguson • Tasha Gartside • Katherine Herron • Ralph Hipps • Matangi • Sonali Misra • Vidhipssa Mohan • Taliha Quadri • Fer Ryan • Alicia Venables • Rubyn A. Vogel • Connor Adams • Christa Burgin • Kenny Cashman • Hester Droste • Sarah Marie Gingerich • Lis Mesa • Rosie Sinclair • Zhengye Sun • Elioise Hendy • Allie Kerper • Naomi Morris • Rachel Rankin • David Slater • Paige Elizabeth Smith • Chelsea Welsh • Miriam Huxley • Fatima Seck

From Arthur's Seat 3

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