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The second Anthology of writing, edited and designed by students at Edinburgh University, published in partnership with Egg Box Publishing.

"The students whose work you are about to read came to this city from near and far to take up their pens and add their own voices to Edinburgh’s vibrant chorus. To write in a city whose pubs and steep-pitched roofs once sheltered the likes of Hugh MacDiarmid, Muriel Spark, Robert Burns, and Sorley MacLean (not to mention Stevenson and Scott) is, by turns, a thrilling adventure and a daunting task.


You are about to encounter poems that range from tightly structured haiku to dense unrelenting prose poetry to finely wrought free verse. You will soon read fiction that spans the minimalism of Ray Carver, the palm-of-the-hand sensibility of Kawabata, and the Saunders-esque absurdism of a teenaged boy’s travails cast in high chivalric mode. A criticism often levelled at Creative Writing programmes is that they tend to produce over-workshopped, homogenised literary fare. This anthology puts the lie to such a notion. What awaits you is far from bland. Dig in. Enjoy."
Dr. Allyson Stack


Editorial Team
James J. Valliere

Rachana Bhattacharjee

Jessica Irish

Celia Wilding

Grace Hiu-Yan Wong


Artwork & Design

Caitlin Malone McLaughlin

James Machell

Elvis Sokoli

Victoria Rose Ball


Thank you to the contributors:

Francesca Vavotici • Elvis Sokoli • Yutong Fu • Paula Espinosa Valarezo • Jessica Widner • Michael S. Marshall • Josephine A. • Drew Taylor • Michael Worrell • Elena Sturk Lussier • Mark Holmes • Ronnie Chatah • Raymond Vermeulen • Drew Townsend • Yanting Zhang • Josb Simpson • James Machell • Rachana Bhattacharjee • Mark Flanagan • Megan Jones • Thea Mariea Rishovd • Cassidy Colwell • Srishti Chaudhary • Zoe McMillin • James J. Valliere • Caitlin Malbone McLaughlin • Jessica Irish • Jacquelyn Chapman • Vassilena Parashkevova • Zack Abrams • Grace Hiu-Yan Wong • Laquerriere • Celia Wilding • Nathan Watson • Ashley Hugot • Duncan Sneddon • Tim Craven • Paula Colmenares Leon

From Arthur's Seat 2

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