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Brand New and (Almost) Entirely True encapsulates the excitement of current non-fiction. As the barrier with fiction becomes increasingly porous, these pieces explore the very real world in very creative ways. From growing up in Communist Poland to interviews in Switzerland, from explosions on the New York subway to reconnecting with the Greek diaspora in East Africa, they all have something important to say. This year's UEA Non-Fiction anthology presents fourteen writers from around the world.

Featuring work by: Caroline Biggs • Kinga Elwira Cybulska • Liz Harris • Vikramaditya Joshi • Judith Khan • Marina Mahathir • Amber Massie-Blomfield • Leviticus Panther • Elli Petrohilos • Jon Platten • Cailey Rizzo • Kate Simon • Rosa Juno Streekstra • Moe Thet War

Brand New & (Almost) Entirely True: UEA MA Non-Fiction Anthology 2019

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  • 978-1-911343-73-8

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