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"What are the tides?

Are they not in healing?

we see the ground roiling and the earth, once so robust

as in a dream now, pouring itself unbelievably down the streets..."

- 'Augury Itch' – Marina Crisp


Any Last Words? is a collaborative project supported by the staff and students of the University of East Anglia (UEA). This anthology contains ten personal narratives of our global climate crises and accompanying illustrations, each shortlisted for the Any Last Words? grand prize and illustration prize.


From poetry to prose, these incredible writers have drawn together the latest scientific findings to present a powerful portrayal of life on our planet; writing across generations, across borders and into the depths of climate chaos.


"...the water sloshed around

her, one blanket against

a world bound

for gratuitous harm.

it was all lost in water’s sound..."

- 'The River's Generations' – Maud Webster


Featuring work by: Madline Brown • Lydia Hamilton • Anna Monte • Rosy May Schofield • Richie Sawa • Ella M • Camille Bakal • Mackenzie Malcolm • Samuel Glyn • Alice Avery • Marina Crisp • Emma Foster • Alise Miluna • Clare Mccauley • Maud Webster • Alex Tiller • Ryan Bestre

Any Last Words? Issue #2


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