- by Agnes Lehoczky

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Release Date: 15/01/2012
ISBN: 978-0956928900
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Ágnes Lehóczky’s second collection, in hardback, consists of five sequences of prose poems exploring memory, place and the retreats of language. Playful, intelligent and built from words that pulsate with energetic reference and invention, her poems are concerned with how one deals with recollections encountered in a new tongue and how this process can turn against itself; how the mind might be likened to a palimpsest: an erasure of construction and deconstruction; a twisting scroll of geology, texture, surface, geography, and ideas of home. This is a fiercely contemporary poetry, with a lot to reveal to us about how we encounter our own worlds.

"Lehóczky’s chosen form is the prose poem, expertly evoking the slippages between physical and metaphysical worlds. In the opening poem, cathedral becomes universe becomes city and back again, in one of a number of pieces reminiscent of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. The job of the rememberer ... is to see the past in the present, to keep both in view simultaneously - a position nuanced, in this case, by the poet's birth and upbringing in Hungary and later move to England... By deft handling of sentence rhythms and intricate repetition of sound, Lehóczky manages to sustain the momentum in single-paragraph prose poems that last pages. Anyone who is ambivalent about prose poetry should read Rememberer, an exemplar of the form, exemplar of poetry itself."
-- Carrie EtterGuardian Review

"Ágnes Lehóczky’s prose poem, Rememberer is serious magic. Atavistic blocks of condensed emotional intensity. A forensic probing of memory ladened with rouched echoes and unforgiving mirrors. A mesmeric and melancholic voyage of leavings and longings drowning in a language so poignant and sumptuous it makes the heart hover. Although deeply personal, Rememberer is a remembrance of all our yesterdays propelled by a fierce intelligence and deliciously wry humour. Simply stunning."
-- Geraldine Monk

"What I enjoy about Ágnes Lehóczky’s prose poetry is its dialogic lyricism. Her syntax carries the work of caesura and enjambment, shaping rhythmic wholes that take you back to places we’ve never been. The best of poetry does the like, and this is it."
-- Peter Robinson 

“It is rare to find such articulate poems written about inarticulacy -- an original writer with something original to say.”
-- George Szirtes